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Connecting with others is at the heart of Parenting Now.

We have a team of parents ready to connect with on the “Click to Connect” button and email your question or story to us. Click here to read more about emailing us or check out our team of experienced parents.

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Parenting is a learning process.

On these pages, you will find articles, stories and blogs on parenting topics. Many have practical ideas, personal experiences, videos, links to trusted research or information about local resources. Each post also has space for comments and discussion. Share your thoughts and strategies with us.


Reach out, let’s do this together.

Here you will find links to local services and resources. Find out about our region’s approach to positive parenting and connect with FamilyCompassWR, a community portal for children and youth services.

Featured Articles, Tips & Strategies

Parenting Now: Report to our Community

Parenting Now launched to the public on October 21, 2017 and we have been going hard ever since! This report documents our activity and our learning over our first two years. Read on!

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How to Help Your Child Take Risks & Build Resilience

How can we increase our child’s capacity for risk and resilience?

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two little girls walking hand in hand in a field

Positive Discipline, Cooperative Kids

What happens when your 3 year old pitches a fit and throws his toys all over the room and refuses to pick them up? What about when your 8 year old refuses to do her homework? Often, we jump straight to punishment. We want to make sure that the child…

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