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Parenting is a learning process.

On these pages, you will find articles, stories and blogs on parenting topics. Many have practical ideas, personal experiences, videos, links to trusted research or information about local resources. Each post also has space for comments and discussion. Share your thoughts and strategies with us.


Reach out, let’s do this together.

Here you will find links to local services and resources. Find out about our region’s approach to positive parenting and connect with FamilyCompassWR, a community portal for children and youth services.

Featured Articles, Tips & Strategies

Suggestions for low cost activities during the holidays

Here are some simple suggestion to make holiday time less about commercial gifts and more about connecting with the ones we love.

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Parenting Advice from a Teen

This is how to parent, from the point of view of a child. My parents are great, both of them. But there are some things that I would change.

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How to “Tune In” to your child

Everyone is probably familiar with the phrase “tune in”. What does this mean really? Read more for tips on how to “tune in” to your child.

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