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Here you will find parenting articles with useful tips and strategies, links to trusted research and examples of personal experience. Some of the articles have videos that help to bring the content to life.

Why take a parenting course?

Diane McGregor, Kitchener ON

There are many ways that learning occurs in our parenting. From Google searches to watching other parents to simply learning from our mistakes, learning as a parent is a constant.

When we were designing Parenting Now, we asked parents about how they learn their parenting skills and knowledge. What do you think the number one answer was? From other parents! Yep, that simple. We learn from each other.

As many of our readers know, connecting with other parents is the main purpose of Parenting Now. If you are interested, you can read more about how we designed Parenting Now here.

We also know that parenting courses are a great resource for parent learning. At KW Counselling Services, we have been offering parenting courses and seminars for more than 50 years. Our programs cover a wide range of parenting topics with content that is based on up-to-date and evidence-based research into current best practices in parenting education.

So…why take a parenting course?

You will learn something new.

Maybe you will learn a new way of looking at an issue you are facing. Or, a new strategy to use. Or, maybe you will learn about emerging research into emotions or child development or self regulation or positive discipline or…. the list of what you can learn is endless! And, you will be able to apply what you have learned. Right away, if you like! We know this because 100% of participants in our Fall courses reported that they agree or strongly agree with the statement, “I will apply what I learned to my parenting.”

You will be able to Connect with and learn from other parents.

Our courses and seminars are designed to encourage discussion among participants. Share your strategies and stories with others and walk away with an idea from someone else. We know this makes a big different for people. 100% of participants in our Fall courses said they agree or strongly agree with the statement, “I learned from other parents.”

It feels good!

We are told so often that “it feels good to know that I am not the only one who struggles”. Parenting is really really hard work and non of us are good at it all the time. When you take a parenting course, you can meet people who totally understand. That truly does feel good.

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One response to “Why take a parenting course?”

  1. Omkalthoum says:

    Thanks Diane. Life is a journey of learning. From the day we all born until we die, and we started learning from each other first then we go to schools, and by that I mean from our parent and people surrounding us. Yes, I agree it is that simple. We learn from each other.

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