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    This topic is becoming very real to me again as our two older children have “launched” and now our two younger guys are entering adulthood (aged 20 and 18). They of course want their independence (as of course we as parents do as well), but at the same time, they live at home, use our car, eat our food, etc. My difficulty is when they at home all day and just “hang around” when they’re not working or in school. Suggestions?


    I agree. This is a really tough period. What about requesting a rule be in place where if they are home all day that they have dinner ready for the rest of the family?

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    I too have an adult child living at home. I agree this is a challenge because as the parent I have to remember my child is now an adult and his life is separate from mine. In a sense we are “roomies” needing to be respectful of each others space and willing to share the housework. The respectful boundaries are hard to maintain sometimes when I think he should be doing specific activities to further his future. At other times I can see I may rely on him too much for companionship which puts a healthy balanced relationship out of whack. I know once he has found steady work the last place he wants to be is living with his mom!! As much as I love the idea of the extended family under one roof I am looking forward to my own space and solitude as I approach my “golden years”.


    I have the same problem, wish I had advice, I was patient and kept gently easing them toward going to work in order to have money.
    For one of my children it took years….Good Luck to you

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