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    I am not sure how to start one of these but… my spouse and I. Our child’s father. Is completely inappropriate and rude when it comes to dealing with our little one when she does not listen.
    He thinks it’s ok to out her and openly say he doesn’t care. He hurts her feelings and NEVER apologizes. He doesn’t even apologize to me. When I speak to him about the way he speaks to her he tells me to go away or stop and that I’m annoying him.
    I don’t knoe how to parent with him anymore.

    L. Walter
    L. Walter

    This is a tough one. I remember going to a parenting class with baby and baby’s father in tow when his response to a question I asked him was “i am just coming you are doing the work”. What an eye opener. That said he was usually the more calm parent but also a very laid back parent, I will have fun with the kids, you do the heavy duty work was how I felt. I found that when I had a better understanding of how he was raised I could see how it influenced his parenting style. Neither one of us was perfect and I would reach out for professional advice from time to time. We both needed to learn to communicate better, and it does take two. Before it is both you can always reach out for yourself and learn how to bring the other along with you providing the other is willing.


    I agree with L.’s statement, sometimes it is one parent who learns how and teaches the other. You must be feeling some frustration, I am sorry that is happening. I am curious Samantha, how do you respond when he says those things to you?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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