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Our Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy and Submission Guidelines

Parenting Now Project and

KW Counselling Services

We invite submissions from members of the public who live or work in Waterloo Region, to submit written, photographic and/or graphic-design work to be considered for publication on our website and/or on our social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and/or distributed in printed form during our parenting education activities.  is a website devoted to enhancing the parenting skills and knowledge of those involved in raising and nurturing children—parents, caring adults, and future parents (e.g., youth, those contemplating parenting, those interested in supporting the children in their lives). We are interested in articles and stories about:

  • learning and skill enhancement for parents and caring adults,
  • parenting experiences that highlight both the joys and challenges of parenting,
  • parent-to-parent connection and mutual learning,
  • positive parenting skills and concepts.

We invite complete articles or stories that are between 400 and 2000 words in length. Submissions must be original work, with external references or sources clearly sited, if appropriate. KW Counselling Services reserves the right to exercise editorial judgment and refuse publication of any article/story for any reason. Decisions to publish or not publish will be made at the discretion of the editorial staff of  and KW Counselling Services and may be based on (but not limited to) its relevance to the website and the Parenting Now project, interest to readers and project participants, and caliber of writing.

Authors will be identified with their article, with first name, last name (optional), agency name (optional), other relevant information (e.g., parent, grandparent, coach, etc.) and location in Waterloo region (e.g., Kitchener, ON). A brief biography may also be submitted, including a link to a personal or business website or blog.

Submissions accepted for publication will become the property of KW Counselling Services and may be used on our websites (including, and, shared through our social media outlets (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) and produced as handouts or “tip sheets” and distributed to program participants. The ideas and concepts of the submission remain the property of the submitting author, but KW Counselling Services retains ownership over the published content of the work and may use the publication at its discretion. Authors may post or produce the article on their own blogs or websites, but it must also be linked back to the KW Counselling Services source of publication.

Submitted content may not be promotional in any way. Articles or stories that attempt to sell a product or service or promote other websites or blogs will not be accepted for publication. Links to outside sources and references used in the article are acceptable as are links to relevant, not-for-profit services in Waterloo region. All links will be checked for authenticity prior to publication.

Photographs and graphic designs may also be submitted for publication. These are subject to the same rules as laid out for written work and become the property of KW Counselling Services. Any and all individuals depicted in a photograph must sign a waiver granting KW Counselling Services permission to publish the photography. Children under the age of twelve (12) cannot be portrayed in the photograph in any way that allows identification of the child (e.g., cannot be fully facing the camera). The parent or legal guardian of the child under 12, and the child, if appropriate, must sign a waiver permitting use of the photograph. Children twelve and over must sign a waiver themselves, if in the photograph.

All authors whose work is accepted for publication must sign a contract with KW Counselling Services stating that the author is the sole owner of the material, that the content of the article/photograph/graphic design is their original work, that no part of the work is plagiarized from another person’s work and that the author has the authority to grant KW Counselling Services the rights to edit, publish, reprint and distribute the work.

How to Submit:

To submit an article, story, photograph and/or graphic design, click on the contact us link, below. We also invite you to contact us if you have an idea or a concept that you would like to consider publishing on this site, and we can help guide you through the process.

We are unable to pay for unsolicited content.

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