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At Parenting Now, we believe that connection is at the heart of parenting—both with our children and with each other. We know that the best learning happens when we learn from each other—through the stories we tell, the tips and strategies we share, the moments when we reach out for support or encouragement.

By becoming a “registered member” of this site, you join our Parenting Now Community and can become part of the many parenting conversations that occur on our website.

As part of the Parenting Now Community, you:

  • Will be able to post comments on all articles, stories and blog posts.
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  • Receive a monthly newsletter about activities on including notification of new articles and stories, announcements of upcoming parenting groups in the community, and an array of other interesting parenting tidbits.
  • Receive advanced notification of important parenting events or activities, including parenting polls or surveys.
  • Have the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing development of our website, via polls or invitations to attend feedback sessions.


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