First Day Back

First Day Back at School

This morning, like many parents, I sent two of my boys on the bus for another school year. It’s lunch time right now and the house is too quiet. Although I still have some littles here with me at home, it’s not quite the same.

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Now I am a grandma

Reflections on being a Grandma

It seems that it was only a few years ago when I became a mom. Now I am a grandma. . . how quickly time and seasons pass.

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Encouraging Empathy Family Together

How I Learned to Encourage Empathy

It dawned upon me some years ago that empathy does not come naturally for everyone. After a distressing and confusing moment with my young child, I began to do some research about how to encourage empathy with my children. What I learned was a great relief: empathy is a skill that can be taught and there are many things I can do to encourage empathy in my children.

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mom and baby sleep through the night

Will my son ever sleep through the night?

My son was 3.5 years old before he was able to sleep through the night. Somewhere in there, I began to despair that it would never happen. But I learned a few things during those early, sleep-deprived years

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Social media and chlldren

Social Media and Children

Social media and children. Our arrival at this issue was a big surprise for my husband and I. Our kids are not yet teenagers and I thought we had time before some of the more subtle teachings of navigating social media were required. Were we wrong!

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Date Night for Mom and Dad

Before my wife and I were married, we really enjoyed dating. It was part of how we fell in love. Date night for mom and dad? When was there time for that?! Well, I learned that in order to be a good parent, I also need to be a good partner. So, we work at it!

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Losing a Child to Suicide

Losing a child is unimaginable. This may be one of the most truthful statements ever made because if you have not lost a child you simply cannot imagine it. Losing a child to suicide, that is another whole category of unimaginable.

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My Daughter Does the Dishes!

Getting my daughter to do the dishes was a bit of a challenge. My daughter is self disciplined in many ways, at home and in school, but recently, there has been a problem with family chores. As her Mom, I think she should take on more responsibility. This began our “dish washing conflict”.

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Parenting a Child with Food Allergies

Birthday parties, ice cream, Easter egg hunts or hot chocolate at a Santa Claus parade—these are the special little moments that a parent looks forward to sharing with their children. For our family, our daughter’s diagnoses of severe allergies has forever changed the way that we experience these small joys.

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Life as a Dad with two Girls

I grew up with my mom and older sister. My father was never in my life and I had to learn the “man stuff” from my mom and important male influences around me. My biggest fear for myself was when I have my own children, how will I know how to raise them?

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Becoming a Mother of Premature Babies

Growing up, I dreamed of becoming a mother….but most of my expectations of what might happen flew out the window when my first child came 9 weeks early. Our son’s early arrival was not part of the plan I imagined in my dreams – nobody ever taught me or my husband what to expect if a pregnancy did not go as anticipated.

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I Knew this Day would Come

I knew this day would come, the day when our baby was supposed to be born. 29 weeks ago, I had a miscarriage. 30 weeks ago, I was carrying around a new life inside me. A new life we were so excited about and so ready to embrace—a little boy who should have come into our lives this weekend. A little brother for our daughter.

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