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Staying Calm when Your Child has Intense Emotions

What often happens when our child (or someone else in our lives) gets angry and starts acting out? We do the same.
It is difficult not to get worked up when we have another human in front of us who is “flipping out” right?
Here are 4 steps that can help us remain calm in these high intensity emotion situations.

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Tips to help self-calm

To be able to think properly, and to even be capable of appropriate decisions; we must first be calm. Calm means to soothe our minds and bodies so that we are ready to engage physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually and/or spiritually.

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6 Strategies to Help Our Kids Calm & Soothe

We can change what is happening in our brains—(shifting the activity from the reaction center to the thinking center)—by changing what is happening in our bodies.

Warm, loving connections help to calm and soothe intense emotions.

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