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I am a mom of a 19 year old daughter and twin 17 year old boys whom I co-parent with their dad. To be completely honest, this stage has been, and is, the most challenging yet in all my years of parenting. Even more so than the sleepless first year with the twins. ????  I enjoy being a mom but I know what it is to struggle too.  Having three teens is incredibly difficult sometimes. There are definitely some days that feel all up uphill. But those days, hours, moments; they always pass. The great moments of laughter and love help us all build resilience for the tougher times. I know that parenting is not only about our successes but about the times we’re not so proud of too. I do know that talking with friends and family and other parents makes a big difference. Even though it looks different for everyone, we are in it together. ♥

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Staying Connected with our Teens

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