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Hi, my name is Maryanne. I came into parenting with a few issues from childhood, so had some very specific plans for how I was going to raise my kids. However, nothing changes our plans faster than our children! I wanted a daughter–what better way to resolve issues with my own mom by having a daughter to love. This is not how my parenting story unfolded, though. My first beautiful son came into the world with Asperger’s. I missed all the signs and was very surprised when his Kindergarten teacher asked to speak with me at the end of his first day of school. My reaction was “wait, you mean not all kids are like this?” My second child came into the world identified as a girl and transitioned to male at the age of 16. Both of my boys are now young adults and living the lives they are meant to have. I am so proud of them and I love being their mum.

I know that children are our best teachers and mine have taught me a very valuable lesson: love the child I have, not the child I expected them to be when I was planning my life. When the challenges were going on in our home, I did not have anyone who could share and understand my experiences. Sometimes, you just need to be able to talk with someone who has been there!

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This is an article I wrote about Adult Children Living at Home. 


Adult Children Living at Home


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