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Kitchener is my first home since moving to Canada with my husband and 3 boys a few years ago. I love it here and think it is a nice place to raise my kids. They are 17, 11 and 9 now. As soon as I felt confident that our boys had settled well into their new environment, our teen seemed to suddenly outgrow his parents! Now, we are faced with a brand new range of challenges. We have realized that we have to stay proactive all the time and constantly develop our parenting skills. But, I learn from my children everyday and we are growing together! For me, parenting is a journey that will never be smooth but will always be worth it! I look forward to talking with you about your parenting journey.

I also speak Urdu so you can connect with me in Urdu or English.

This is an article I wrote on how I help to develop empathy in my children.

How I Learned to Encourage Empathy


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