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Hello, my name is Christen. I am the mom of two cute, sweet, kind angels–angels who also keep me on my toes! My 8-year-old girl is a thinker, with a very creative personality and my 6-year-old son has a very playful personality and is becoming a sports guy. These two different personalities and interests lead to many conflicts and arguments, I can tell you! My hubby and I agreed we would raise our kids in a modern, open minded style. Our values and faith matter to us and also influence our parenting. We are trying our best and hope it all works. As new Canadians, we were struggling with cultural differences and being so far from our families’ support and comfort. But now, we have made new friends and have become part of our new community. We enjoy and celebrate the Canadian lifestyle. I would love to chat with you about your parenting experiences, either as a newcomer to Canada or as someone who has been here a long time. We can learn from each other.

I also speak Arabic and French so you can connect with me in either of these languages as well as English.

Here is a piece I wrote regarding parenting as a newcomer.

Parenting as a Newcomer: Moms share their stories.

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