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Connecting With Your Teen

Connecting with your teen can feel VERY difficult sometimes.

Does this scenario ever happen in your home? A teen who was out late stumbles out of bed at noon only to grunt at you on their way by to the fridge. You head out to do some errands to restock the fridge and don’t tell them you are leaving since they don’t seem to care. And the second you are back they are questioning why you were gone so long? Or they text you 5 times with questions….that is your teen seeking comfort from you…seeking you out for the safe haven that you are.

They have this pull towards independence which is a good thing and a confusing stage all at the same time. That is why sometimes they don’t want to talk to you about anything, but then want you to be there for them when they want you there. This often creates conflict. But that is part of a healthy relationship.  It is the ups and downs of growing in connection and relationship.


  • calms and soothes intense emotions
  • helps engage the thinking brain
  • increases motivation for positive behaviour.

Here are some ways you may be able to connect with your teen:

  • take them on an errand and chat
  • go for a drive togetherTeen playing Jenga
  • share in their jokes
  • play a video game with them
  • have a shared meal time
  • watch YouTubes together
  • take them for a treat to Tim’s or for frozen yogurt
  • play a board game
  • go camping
  • cook a meal together
  • celebrate small milestones together
  • reminisce about memories together
  • talk to them about what they were like as babies and toddlers
  • respect their need for privacy & alone time

For more about how to connect with your teen check out

Tell us some ways you connect with your teen or  tween!


4 Responses to “Connecting With Your Teen”

  1. Christen says:

    Great topic, Thanks for linking it to the other articles for more details and strategies!

  2. Omkalthoum says:

    I like this tips and I remember doing some of them with my children.

  3. Nadia says:

    Great read. I can relate to it being a mom of a 16-year-old. Although he is at least 8 inches taller than I am but he becomes a baby at times and asks for my attention in some peculiar ways. I am learning.

  4. Victoria says:

    Love this article as a parent of a soon to be teen it spoke to me. Its easy to forget teens need us just as much as toddlers.

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