Suggestions for low cost activities during the holidays

by Teresa Wikkerink, Elmira

One time of the year that spending seems to go out of control is during the Holiday season.  Businesses count on that and encourage you to buy that special something to make your child’s face light up on Christmas morning.  Commercials entice people young and old to hope for the latest craze.  “You deserve it” aren’t we all told?. . . . but what happens when our budgets are tight or we choose to live a more simplified life focused more on simply spending time together?

Here are some simple suggestion to make holiday time less about commercial gifts and more about connecting with the ones we love:

  • Begin holiday traditions for eg – Cookie exchanges or baking cookies for your family with your child (even the pre made rolls are fun and kids love them!)
  • Board game day (No video games) – Bring out Monopoly, Settlers of Catan, Game of Life, Yahtzee, Trouble, Operation, etc.
  • Take a walk around your neighbourhood or park and collect items to make a wreath, or a centrepiece or have a scavenger hunt.
  • Volunteer helping an organization or local food bank 
  • Go to the local park in the evening to take a stroll and see the lights, bring a hot chocolate in a thermos
  • Pick names in your family/group of friends and make a gift for that other person.
  • Go carolling in your neighbourhood or in a senior’s complex and then share a warm beverage together
  • Pick an afternoon movie to go to or watch a seasonal family movie at home and make some popcorn. Make it a pajama party!
  • There are quite a few low or no cost special outings in the Waterloo Region as well! If you have facebook, check out the events tab!
  • Go sledding or skating!



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